Refrigeration systems and technological innovation

The innovative power of the efficient refrigeration systems we offer makes the difference. Because of this, our company offers top-line and latest-generation products which can really simplify the life of their users.

Use of exclusively high-quality materials in the production process: Use of high-quality insulating materials that are resistant and environmentally friendly and which preserve the organoleptic features of food while ensuring hygiene by fully respecting all HACCP standards.
Latest generation software support: Latest generation software and integrated systems for temperature monitoring, internal module options and remote optimisation of product functionalities.
Functionality and safety: Automated technological processes to maintain the ideal temperature and presence of visual and acoustic alarms.
Functional design: Different types of solutions for different uses and needs. A functional design for every Cool Head Europe product, with the assurance of always having the perfect temperature.


Constant quality control: Scrupulous quality control carried out by our employees at every step of the production process resulting in a 100% functional product.
Optimal integrated logistics: Order fulfillment in 48 hours and comprehensive efficiency.
Smart products: Achieving and maintaining the ideal temperature under any weather conditions.


Minimising CO2 emissions: The industry’s top engineering skill goes into designing our refrigerator models which also use components made to minimise CO2 emissions.
Green packaging: From pre to post-sales, we undertake strategies that keep the environment in mind. This includes the choice of using 100% recyclable packaging for our products.


Latest generation lighting: We prefer LED lighting for our products since it is more intense and durable and has reduced energy consumption.
100% custom design: For large-scale orders, it is possible to request products with an exclusive 100% custom design.

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