How can I set up my own pizzeria?

Pizza, ai la pizza! Hands up who doesn’t like pizza! Pizzerias are probably the most popular hospitality businesses in the world, and it is difficult to find a town or city that doesn’t have a restaurant specialising in the most famous Italian dish. Do you want to know more about this sector? Do you work in a pizzeria and are thinking of opening your own business? Discover the best options and tips here on getting equipped and how to face this new adventure.

What is the best equipment for a pizzeria?

Pizzerias need specific professional equipment due to their complex nature. The equipment you will need will be, at least, a fixed head dough mixer to make the dough, a dough divider, a dough sheeter, a storage cabinet, a special professional refrigerated table for pizzerias and, finally, the most suitable oven according to the type of pizza you want to offer.

Refrigerated tables are an essential piece of equipment in a pizzeria, as they have a granite top where the dough is made and the pizza is prepared with the ingredients, ready to be baked. This equipment is commonly called a refrigerated table for pizza because is also equipped with a refrigerated compartment for storing dough and ingredients.

Professional refrigerated tables and customisable options

Refrigerated tables offer different options to best suit the function and space requirements that any room may have. In fact, you can choose to have the refrigerated compartment with two or three doors, a neutral drawer unit, feet or wheels for easy movement.

In addition, there is a wide variety of accessories to facilitate the pizza chef’s work, such as VRX units, which are toppings cabinets placed at the top, allowing ingredients to be kept at hand and improving efficiency and speed in the preparation of pizzas. The display cabinets are available in various sizes, suitable for holding GN¼ trays or GN⅓ trays, and with glass top or stainless steel reclosable lid.

Equipment with granite worktops: perfect customisation for pizzerias

Designed to offer professional equipment for pizzerias, these refrigerated tables are recognisable by their granite work surface and a refrigerated compartment suitable for holding Euronorm trays.

Saladette counters also for pizza preparation

An alternative to pizza tables are saladettes counters, a more compact piece of professional equipment, available with 2 or 3 doors and suitable for holding GN1/1 trays. Some units are equipped with a compartment on the top suitable for holding GN1/6 trays.

Tips for choosing the best pizza preparation counter

If you are looking for equipment for a pizzeria, take note of these basic tips to choose the right equipment for your business: 

  • Measure the space you have available to choose the right equipment for your business.
  • Keep in mind that counters are often bulky items. Measure and clear the areas where transport must access so that the technician can install the equipment correctly.
  • For all models, the storage capacity in litres or GN trays is indicated; consider the quantities of raw and semi-prepared materials you will use, and make sure the pizza preparation counter is compatible with your needs.

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