The Poke Bowl, an essential dish on your menu

How is Poke Bowl prepared?

This dish, originally from Hawaii, is prepared with rice and/or quinoa and is accompanied by raw fish and/or vegetables. Its name gives away its appearance, as “poke” means “cut” in Hawaiian, and refers to the presentation of the ingredients, which are diced. 

This dish is made up of a wide variety of products to try, such as avocado, fried onion, fruits such as mango, edamame, carrot, etc. The star ingredient of the poke bowl is fish, usually albacore tuna or smoked salmon, and sometimes even prawns are added. A vegan or vegetarian option can also be prepared by replacing the fish with tofu. Finally, it is dressed with sauces that are often made with soy, wasabi and sesame oil.

Which refrigeration equipment helps you preserve ingredients?

The preservation of the food used to create this dish is important to bear in mind. A refrigerated cabinet  means proper preservation to maintain the freshness and quality of these products. For example, the QRX 688FH refrigerated cabinet has been developed exclusively for the refrigeration of fresh fish and also provides a very convenient storage system for produce.

The QR 788 is a vertical refrigerator which also serves to keep the products at the right temperature and to ensure their good condition. In addition, this refrigerated cabinet is equipped with a digital thermostat with Wi-FI connection to monitor and manage the temperature inside the unit. 

When plating these bowls, we recommend using a professional horizontal refrigerator that is practical and easy to use and allows the ingredients to be separated and displayed. The most suitable refrigerated tables for this purpose are the CR 93A and CRQ 93A models, refrigerated saladettes with a stainless steel protection in the first case and, in the second case, with glass protection to show the products to the consumer. These models are equipped with a digital thermostat which offers many advantages in terms of the equipment’s (link) efficient maintenance.

Once the pokes have been prepared, they are kept at a temperature between -2 and 8 degrees Celsius. For this reason, the FT 188 and FT 188B models, vertical refrigerated display cabinets in white or black, allow products to be kept at the right temperature and they are perfect for displaying and encouraging purchases in take-away restaurants and supermarkets.  

The poke bowl can be a good option to expand and enhance your menu during the summer season!

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