Take advantage of the tax incentives of the National Transition Plan 4.0


And upgrade your professional equipment with Cool Head

The new 2022 catalogue features blast chillers, cabinets and refrigerated tables with high-tech temperature and humidity control via Wi-Fi, which as they are considered technologically advanced goods, are eligible for tax credits from the Italian government.

Do you want to upgrade your refrigerated cabinet or refrigerated table or buy a blast chiller for your new business? Now is the time, thanks to the support from the Italian government’s National Transition Plan 4.0, the primary objective of which is to support and encourage companies to invest in new interconnected and technologically advanced goods by means of a tax credit mechanism.

Our new 2022 catalogue contains different models of blast chillers, tables and refrigerated cabinets with a high-tech temperature and humidity control system (called Flex Panel) for professional equipment. This system allows you to control and monitor the refrigeration unit through a Wi-Fi connection using the Connex application. Once the equipment is connected to it, it is possible among other things to switch the equipment on or off remotely, record its operating data for more than 30 days, and detect any problems in the system. 

All companies investing in new capital goods for production facilities located in Italy can benefit from the tax incentives in the National Transition Plan 4.0, provided that they meet with the requirements stipulated.

The subsidy will be applied at 50% for investments of up to 2.5 million Euros, while it will be 30% for those between 2.5 million Euros and 10 million Euros. Finally, expenditure between 10 and 20 million Euros will be eligible for a 10% subsidy.

Which models in the 2022 catalogue are eligible for the National Transition Plan 4.0?

Refrigerated tables

There are six different models of refrigerated storage tables with high-tech temperature and humidity control (called Flex Panel). 

These are models QR 2188, QR 2288, QR 3188, QR3288, QR 4188, and QR 4288.

QR 2188, QR 2288, QR 3188, QR3288, QR 4188, and QR 4288

Refrigerated cabinets

Four different models of professional refrigerated cabinets: two for storage and two for freezing with one or two stainless steel doors. Models: QR788, QN788, QR1488, QN1488, QN1488.

QR788, QN788, QR1488, QN1488 and QN1488

Blast chillers

Finally, there are four models of blast chiller: RF 58A, RF 78A, RF 108A and RF 158A.

RF 58A, RF 78A, RF 108A and RF 158A

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