Types of refrigerated display cabinets

Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Have you ever wondered why we buy or consume one product rather than another? We obviously live in a society where “where everything comes in through our eyes“, and stimulating our sense of sight is essential when attracting our attention.

That is why the hospitality sector has had to move with the times in this area, and there is an increasingly wider variety of designs of refrigerated display cabinets for all types of businesses, including bars, restaurants, pâtisseries, supermarkets and even hotels. They are an essential piece of equipment for displaying and preserving cold food products at the highest food safety levels, and encouraging and stimulating consumption by clients. 

But what kind of refrigerated display cases are there? How have they evolved to become a part of interior design? 

What types of refrigerated display cabinets are there?

The following display cabinets are available, depending on the business which they are used for, with different temperature specifications according to the products to be stored inside them. 

Multidecks and serve over counters: For dairy products, cold cuts, delicatessens, butchers, bakeries and pâtisseries, packaged products in supermarkets or self-service stores.

Cabinet displays: For ice creams, bakeries and packaged products,, for hotels and restaurants.

Display cases for sushi: They are usually placed on top of the bar counter to show and protect raw materials. They are usefull for the food preparation

Display cabinets for drinks and wine: In the vertical format, they store and preserve beverages at the appropriate temperature and encourage impulse purchases. 

Cool Head Europe has six different lines of refrigerated display cabinets, offering the most extensive and most efficient solution to the display requirements of any business.

Multidecks and serve over counters

Multidecks and serve over counters are used in supermarkets, small retail and specialized shops such as bakeries, butchers, fishmongers or delicatessens, and are ideal for increasing the visibility of the products and for ensuring the quality of food preservation.

They may have a static or ventilated cooling system. Which one to choose? This depends on the products to be displayed and stored. The ventilated cooling system is the recommended one for most uses such as butchers, snack shops, beverages and packaged foods.

In terms of design, they are available in different sizes, with or without doors, with panoramic ends, with curved or straight glass, depending on the aesthetics of the premises and the design chosen for the space. The Cool Head Europe range features the extensive versatility of models, with widths ranging from 100 to 200 cm, and maximum levels of energy efficiency and durability.

Wall Showcase 3NZ 15

If you would like to find out more about the differences between static and refrigerated ventilation systems, you can read more about them in this post.

Sushi countertop displays

These countertop displays are used for the display and storage of raw materials and to help sushi chefs in the preparation of the dishes.

For example, Cool Head Europe’s RS 60 model has been designed to display and preserve sushi as well as possible. The display case features curved tempered glass, heavy-duty sliding doors, and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Horizontal display case for sushi or fish RS60

Refrigerated beverage cabinets and wine cabinets

There are many different types of bottles and drinks. Why aren’t there plenty of places to display and preserve them in the best possible way? There are two types, and both are vertical: display cabinets for drinks and display cabinets for wines.

Vertical drinks display cabinets are used to display and store refrigerated soft drinks, beers and juices, in either bottles or cans. The glass on the doors of these cabinets is especially designed to keep the cold in, ensuring that the product stored inside is preserved and chilled in perfect condition.

With its Cool Wise brand, Cool Head Europe offers a wide variety of vertical display cabinets for drinks, with various possible measurements. The Drink Cooler line comes in both vertical and counter formats, is highly versatile and can be extensively customised, with the inclusion of promotional messages on the main body and on the side wall of the display cabinet. A refined finish and an original shape made to the highest quality standards.

Upright drink cooler DC 1000S

To prevent factors such as temperature, humidity and light from affecting the quality of the wine, a wine cabinet is the ideal storage alternative for professional use in restaurants, hotels and bars, as well as for household use. They are available in bi-temperature and mono-temperature models.

Bi-temperature model with a capacity for 38 bottles CW 36DT

Criteria for choosing the best refrigerated display case

And now that we have reviewed the various options available on the market, do you have a business for where you need to display your food while keeping it cold, and you have to make a decision? Make a note of these tips and you’re sure to make the best choice.

– Space, size and storage capacity
The space you have in your business and the storage capacity you need are key factors. For example, if you need a wall display cabinet to store ice cream, you will need a larger one than if you only need to display cakes.

– Temperature control
The various types of food that you plan to keep in it may require different temperature specifications. So it helps to know the type of products you plan to put in it: if one in particular is going to require a very low temperature, that temperature may dry out one of the others. So you have to be very clear about whether you need ventilated cooling or static cooling.

– Ease of cleaning
Stainless steel and glass are materials that are easy to clean. And as the display cases are usually transparent to display the product, this also means that the dirt is more visible.

– Design according to the business
The aesthetic harmony of the place must be maintained with the design of the professional equipment chosen, whether this is display cabinets or any other type of refrigeration furniture.

– Efficiency
Electricity costs are one of the biggest headaches for any business today, and for this reason it is extremely important to consider the efficiency of a display case before buying it, and take a close look at the energy label.

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