Once again this year, the star product of the summer is ice cream

Ice Cream

Consumers are looking forward to the summer season so that they can enjoy ice cream during their holidays. It is therefore a good time to surprise your customers with a wide variety of ice cream. The equipment you choose for your business is related to the products you offer, and even for the ice cream […]

We help you be more efficient and sustainable  

The refrigeration industry is experiencing perhaps the biggest technological evolution in its history. The introduction of new refrigerant gases, energy efficiency and new technologies are the three main areas that make the difference between the past and the future of refrigeration in order to channel it towards sustainability. What measures have we taken at Cool […]

The Poke Bowl, an essential dish on your menu

How is Poke Bowl prepared? This dish, originally from Hawaii, is prepared with rice and/or quinoa and is accompanied by raw fish and/or vegetables. Its name gives away its appearance, as “poke” means “cut” in Hawaiian, and refers to the presentation of the ingredients, which are diced.  This dish is made up of a wide […]

Take advantage of the tax incentives of the National Transition Plan 4.0


And upgrade your professional equipment with Cool Head The new 2022 catalogue features blast chillers, cabinets and refrigerated tables with high-tech temperature and humidity control via Wi-Fi, which as they are considered technologically advanced goods, are eligible for tax credits from the Italian government. Do you want to upgrade your refrigerated cabinet or refrigerated table […]

How to choose the best model of professional refrigerated cabinet

Upright Cabinets in a restaurant

Choosing the best professional equipment is crucial for any business specialising in hostelry or confectionery. Why? To provide the best customer service at the highest levels of efficiency and functionality. Professional refrigerated cabinets are a basic piece of equipment. We call them cabinets because they are like vertical refrigerated items of furniture, with one or […]

Key factors when choosing a refrigerated counter

Refrigerated Counter in a restaurant

The day-to-day running of any hospitality business requires certain types of industrial machinery that contribute to providing optimal customer service and helping professionals to work in the most comfortable way possible. So one of the major priorities is to save time and space. Bars, restaurants and pizzerias can solve two of these needs at once […]

Energy efficiency in professional refrigeration: the role of the digital thermostat

Digital thermostats are key to reducing consumption and ensure energy efficiency in restaurants, bars, retail shops, ice-cream parlors or bakeries. Digital thermostats control the temperature of professional coolers and freezers, making sure the equipment is refrigerating or freezing at the right temperature. Cool Head Europe‚Äôs thermostats also include two alarms to warn when the temperature […]